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Picture yourself swinging on a vine in the Amazon, standing on the middle of the World, sharing a meal with an indigenous family, or surfing in Galápagos...

There are so many amazing things to do, the choice is yours!

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At ecuadoor, we want to make it easy to explore Ecuador. We help you to design your trips by selecting reliable experts, so you can book your experiences (rated by real travelers) according to your trip plans and budget. We also make it possible for you to find travel buddies and people who rent out the equipment you may need for your adventure. ecuadoor will soon be available to download, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when ecuadoor is ready!

Passionate traveler, enjoys trying new things and can't stand routine, that's why she became a flight attendant for 10 years and discovered the joy of planning her own trips. Now she's CEO and Founder of ecuadoor.
Since childhood he began to show particular interested in technology so his family and friends called him to give them a hand whenever they have computer problems. He likes the beach a lot and for a season he studied to become a chef. Currently he is Scrum Master, CTO and Co-founder of ecuadoor.
When he is not traveling for work, he is traveling for pleasure. He organizes his trips expecting no less than excellence in what he reserves. Business is his natural state, he has been doing this almost half of his life, getting involved in the automotive and in the mass consumption sectors, he was co-owner of a cafeteria and now he is CFO and Co-founder of ecuadoor.
The insatiable craving for extraordinary places has driven Ana Monteverde to explore every corner of Ecuador and she wants to share these places with you so you can experience the real Ecuador by yourself. In her free-time, she is discovering new places, and finding the best travel deals. She has done a little bit of everything: airport services, work in a travel agency, events, entrepreneur development, she is a chef and also Strategy Manager and Co-founder in ecuadoor.

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